Enhancing the park

How can you help protect the Long Bay Park?

Weeds have become a severe problem in the Long Bay Regional Park.  Damaging the natural landscape, particularly around waterways leading to the marine reserve and the coastal areas by displacing native plants, contributing to land degradation and competing with native plants for water, space, nutrients and sunlight.

In the past the Society’s volunteer group “Hands on the Park” has targeted moth plant, woolly nightshade, and pampas.  The more difficult weeds to control include madeira vine, jasmine, climbing asparagus, blackberry, smilax and where appropriate gorse.  These weeds have not been sprayed for some years and we are now fundraising to engage professional assistance to deal with them, as this will assist the volunteer efforts considerably. 

After the parkland has been prepared the area will be ready for the involvement of the Society’s community volunteer group “Hands on the Park” who will be instructed on weed control methods and planting natives in the park.

If you would like to learn about volunteering and the many ways you can be involved with the Long Bay Tree planting, weeding etc in the park please click here to register.

More events to come in the summer time including snorkeling days with Experiencing Marine Reserves. The dates and times will be shown on this page closer to the time.  

No events yet.