Vaughans Rd & Piripiri Pt Drive

Long Bay is a very busy regional park, with over 1.3million visitors per annum coming from all over Auckland. Indeed, it is such a popular destination and the demand from a growing population so strong, that ongoing extensions to the Long Bay Park are important, if we are to provide for future generations in the same way our forbearers did for us.

Therefore, the Long Bay Okura Great Park Society believes that Council should buy the land that is for sale at Piripiri Point, at the end of Vaughans Road. This 7.06ha of land is zoned Piripiri Point Protection Area and most of it is designated Outstanding Natural Landscape. It could be amalgamated into the Long Bay Regional Park and would thus protect the Outstanding Landscape Area of the whole park. It would also provide access from Vaughans Road to Grannies Bay and Pohutukawa Bay, and also significant extensions to the recreational track network in the Park.