Our work is important

Over the summer the Long Bay Okura Great Park Society collaborated with Experience Marine Reserves (EMR) and invited the public to enjoy recreational activities in the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve and its surrounds. We are grateful to Hibiscus and Bays Local Board for funding these very successful events and we trust those of you who participated enjoyed your experience. Thank you for requesting further information about the Society.
The Long Bay Okura Great Park Society was formed in 1996 with the aims of protecting the land on the Long Bay Okura peninsula and the adjacent marine reserve and of creating a Great Park of 1000 acres for the people of Auckland. Despite intense lobbying by the Society, early opportunities to meet this goal did not come to fruition, but since 2002 the Society has been successful in achieving incremental additions to the park, totaling 156 acres.
As well as advocating for these additions, we have also been very active in fighting to protect the Park and the Marine Reserve from the effects of development. Development in Long Bay and the proposed urban development in Okura has very serious implications for both and therefore the Society became involved in a number of Environment Court hearings, with some success. We most recently went into battle to oppose – for the third time – urban development on the southeastern edge of the Okura Estuary. Although that battle was won, we have still to win the war. With increased high density living for a growing population, Auckland’s need for a 1000-acre park becomes more critical. Protecting the Marine Reserve for future generations is a major focus for us and we welcome the opportunity to partner with EMR and promote the importance of protecting our precious but threatened natural environment.
We continue to work with Auckland Council, the Local Board and other community groups but we need more community support from young and old. We need occasional helpers but we would also appreciate new committee members. Anyone with time and general experience would be most welcome. People with  expertise in the following areas are particularly sought after:

  • political lobbying and/or environmental sciences
  • communication/public relations
  • web page and social media management
  • fund raising and organising public events
  • secretarial and management skills.


Please consider joining our committee if you are able to help.